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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shelley: now at 11:00, a threat in laconia evacuates a neighborhood and locks down a school. tonight, the search continues for the man accused of making the threat. tom: a standoff came to a safe end in winchester. the problem between neighbors that prompted the call to police. mike: after a dry and chilly night, lots of changes follow starting tomorrow. when rain, wind, and warmer air move through. shelley: a worker gets stuck in a palm tree 25 feet above the ground. the process to get him to safety. tom: it turns out bedford' s little league team has a good bullpen. the help they' re getting after vandals hit their concession stand and clubhouse. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: right now police in the lakes region are still searching for the man accused of triggering a tense standoff in laconia this afternoon. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i'
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while police have yet to make an arrest, they did confiscate a shotgun and several bags of ammunition. adam sexton is live in laconia tonight with our top story. adam: tom and shelley that gun is what had police so concerned earlier this afternoon. acting on information that not only did the suspect have it, he was allegedly threatening to use it. investigators left 20 jewett street in laconia with a double-barrel shotgun and bags full of ammo tuesday evening. the items were taken into evidence following a tense afternoon which saw police surround the home following the report of a threat. >> attempted to make contact with an individual; we were informed that one of the rifle or a shotgun, we knew it was a long rifle gun. after detaining and removing a a young woman from the scene the group set about trying to determine if the suspect was still inside the home. after initial tactics produced
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the home and determined the suspect was gone, most likely making his escape in the time before they arrived on-scene. but the threat of the shotgun, which was left behind, kept police and bystanders at a distance. >> of course this happened in a very congested part of town, so we did set up a fairly large perimeter to keep people away, traffic away while the investigation was ongoing. adam: this individual should be considered armed and dangerous? >> at this point i would say yes. adam neighbors are hoping for an : arrest. they say even though this wasn' t really a standoff, it left nerves frayed. >> i was terrified. i was terrified for the community, my grandkids, myself, my family. it was really close. adam: police still aren' t releasing the identity of the suspect. people say they were not even sure what his real name is. investigators say it' s possible they' ll be able to release more information tomorrow. live in laconia, adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: police in winchester also
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dealt with a standoff this afternoon. a disagreement between neighbors led to a man barricading himself inside his home for about four hours. wmur' s mike cronin explains how police safely resolved the situation. mike a several hour standoff : ended peacefully in winchester in what police are calling a neighborhood disturbance. around 12:30 this afternoon police responded to a report of a gun shot on jones road. police say 35-year-old joseph legere had a dispute with a neighbor then ran to his home down the road and barricaded himself inside. the keene police bearcat was on scene and a state police negotiation team made contact with legere. several hours later police say legere surrendered and was taken into custody without incident. no one was injured. legere is charged with reckless conduct with a deadly weapon and criminal threatening. >> right now, we' re completing a search warrant of the residence. and after that, we' re going to
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witnesses, and go from there to further the investigation. legere is being held at the chesire county house of corrections and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. in winchester, mike cronin, wmur news 9. shelley: some big changes are ahead for tomorrow' s forecast. significant rain will be in the state at this time tomorrow night. let' s go to chief meteorologist mike haddad for the timeline on this rain. mike: plenty of changes, no question about that. we go from dry and cool right into wet and windy and eventually warmer than normal as go into thursday. a few high clouds beginning to creep in the most part skies are clear. not so clear down to the south and west. the remnants of hurricane patricia, it looks nothing like what it was several days back. some of the rain is heading in our direction.
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in terms of the timeline, the morning commute through the lunchtime hour will be rain free. light rain showers overspread the state during the afternoon and the heavier downpours will arrive during the evening or night. how much rain can we inspect and what about the chance of a thunderstorm and how warmly get on thursday? all of that straight ahead. tom: belknap county is moving forward with new jail programming that is already getting results for heroin addiction in another new hampshire county. tonight the county delegation met to discuss a new community corrections center modeled after one in sullivan county that helps provide intensive addiction treatment to offenders. the proposed facility would have 30 treatment beds and 34 work release beds all aimed at making sure people don' t relapse and re-offend. >> the evidence seems to state that people who go through these types of programs are not coming back to the jail. tom: the new community corrections center would cost about $7 million but is expected to save the county money in the
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shelley: in the face of the state' s heroin epidemic, governor maggie hassan is looking at putting emergency rules into place when it comes to prescribing painkillers. many consider opioids the root cause of the heroin problem, and governor hassan' s office has floated a draft proposal within the medical community looking for feedback. suggestions include limiting prescriptions to a five day supply, eliminating the use of fentanyl for non-cancer patients, and reviewing outdated practices. >> the guidelines in the board of medicine rules right now say that the chance of a patient becoming addicted to an opioid is low. we know that that isnt true. we also know from looking at other states that there are best practices we should be implementing. >> all of this needs to be done with public hearings and to do it appropritaely in a process that makes sure that we haven' t impacted the ability of doctors to practice medicine. shelley if emergency rules are : implemented, there won' t be a
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normal public input period. the rules will stand for six months and a formal review process will be done if the rules could be permanently adopted. tom: newton police are looking for the person who was wearing a gorilla mask when he shot at the windshield of a truck. police say the fuel truck deliver driver was near the intersection of peaslee crossing and south main street around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the driver says a person wearing a mask in the backseat of an oncoming car shot the b.b. gun at his windshield. the windshield didn' t crack and the driver wasn' t hurt. a former planet fitness employee has pleaded guilty to defrauding the company out of almost a million dollars. prosecutors say over two years, nicholas selby bought more than 1800 i-pads with company money and then sold them to other companies. in his invoices, selby falsely describes how he was spending the money. the scam unraveled when another planet fitness employee took a call about a legitimate ipad order that led to a discussion
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s orders. a woman from vermont facing a felony charge, accused of stealing money from the store where she worked. claremont police say samantha mcclay took money from hubert' s family outfitters in claremont multiple times while working. she' s due in court in december. shelley: police in massachusetts say two robbers who hit a coin dealer used a stun gun on employees. police say two men walked into colonial trading in stoneham mid-morning with jewelry they planned on selling. but they pulled out tasers and used them on two employees, and then zip-tied them, before taking off with coins. >> one of the suspects tased one of the employees, a second employee heard the commotion, came over, and he was tased as well. shelley police think the men : targeted the store and knew exactly what they were after. the principal of concord high school who is fighting als is stepping down at the end of the
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gene connolly made the announcement at school today, saying he knows he won' t be able to physically do his job after june. he was diagnosed with als last year. he has been using an i-pad program to speak for him at the school this year. tom: the bedford little league team got a big surprise after a weekend discovery that their home field had been vandalized. but tonight, help arrived from across new hampshire. as jean mackin reports, donations totalling about 3$500 -- about poured in to help them $3500 get back to playing ball. jean: members of the bedford little league say they couldn' t let their season end like this with an act of vandalism, so this community is rallying. there' s a lot to cheer about now. but there was no joy in bedford this weekend when the little league discovered this. vandals trashed the clubhouse and concession stand. inflicting $5,000 worth of damage to the home field of the
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championship team that was one win away from advancing to the little league world series. >> you think about the wonderful season and so to see someone try to take that away is just not ok. jean when photos of the damage : were posted on social media there was a wave of support. some big checks arrived for the little leaguers. >> say cheeseburger. >> cheeseburger. jean primary bank pitched in : $500, $1000 from bedford friends of recreation. >> hopefully the police will find out who did it but in the meantime you' ve got to pick up the pieces and go forward. jean fist pumps all around when : the new hampshire fisher cats and manchester monarchs threw in donations. >> there' s a lot of people coming out here to support it and it' s really cool to see. jean elliot hospital and : catholic medical center also stepped up to the plate along with other concerned community members. include bedford' s own chris carpenter the world series
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champion pitcher is an all-star here. >> i' m sure not just bedford but anywhere in new hampshire would step up and do something like this. new hampshire is a great state with a lot of great people that support their local towns and their local little leagues. jean other little league teams : in the state are reaching out asking how they can help. donations are still being accepted at primary bank and the airport diner will hold a spaghetti fundraiser monday night. in bedford, jean mackin, wmur news9. shelley: nice to see so many people helping out. carolina under investigation after conflict with the student. coming up, new information police received from all the videos showing the incident.
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ayotte has just returned tom cole and help had to be called in for a tree worker who got stuck 25 feet above ground. the man was trimming a palm tree in california. he got trapped in dried fronds as he dangled from a tree-trimming harness. it took firefighters nearly an hour to reach the man, but they got him down safely. new tonight investigators say
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confrontation between a high school student in south carolina and a school police officer. shelley: several students recorded the incident on camera which shows the officer trying to wrestle the girl out of her desk. but as abc' s karen travers reports, the sheriff says one video shows the student hitting the officer. karen: one spring valley high school student who wintessed the police takedown tells abc news it all started when his teacher asked the female student to turn over her phone and she refused. >> she said i' m not really doing anything. please, you don' t have to take my phone. karen the teacher then asked a : school administrator to help. he also asked the student to leave and again she refused. that' s when the school resource officer, ben fields, got called in and things escalated. you gonna come with me or am i >>you gonna come with me or am i gonna make you? karen cell phone video shows : fields grabbing the student by
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the floor. several frightened classmates grabbed their phones and recorded the encounter. >> what we all found on that video is reprehensible, unforgiveable and inconstisent to what we aspire to be. officer fields is now on unpaid >>officer fields is now on unpaid administrative leave, and banned from school properties, pending the outcome of the investigation. this is someone who is physically in pain because of what she endured and the world watched what she endured as she literally flew across the classroom. karen but the sheriff says : deputy fields received a culture of excellence award for proving to be an exceptional role model in 2014. he also says one of the videos captures the student hitting the officer. >> it just shows when the officer puts his hands on her initially, she reaches up and pops the officer with her fist. it makes you sick to your stomach when you see that initial video. but again, that' s a snapshot. karen the sheriff expects his : internal investigation to be finished within the next day.
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washington. >> defense secretary ash carter says that could be more u.s. military action on the fight against islamic they militants. he made the statement while testifying before a senate panel. senator kelly ayotte has returned from her trip to the guanta namo bay detention facility. she' s calling for changes to how female guards at the facility are treated. a judge ruled that women will five detainees accused of plotting the september 11 terrorist attacks after they complained that any physical contact with unrelated women violated their muslim beliefs. >> my impression of this court order is that this is not an insult to islam, this is an insult to every young woman willing to fight and die for her country and to fight terrorism and to fight the threats that we face around the world.
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shelley when questioned about : the issue during a congressional hearing, both the defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the current policy was an outrage. tom: walgreens is buying right a pharmacy for $9.41 billion cash. walgreens says right eight stores will initially keep its name after the deal closes but that that could change. the deal is expected to close in the second half of next year. mike: temperatures are right where they should be. no snow or rain. here is the time left out at the coast today showing the same story. a few high clouds through the day but for the most part it was sunny all day long, allowing temperatures after a chilly start to bounce back nicely
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a beautiful evening, a bit on the chilly side across the coast and the rest of new hampshire. here come the changes, there is no stopping it now. we' ve seen the dry air holding on for the past couple of days but now heavy-duty showers are approaching out of the midwest. remnants of the once powerful hurricane patricia that set records in terms of the most intense hurricane ever, at least in the western hemisphere. now it is a shadow of its former self but still producing quite a bit of rain down to the south and west. eventually some of that moves in here. temperatures down in the 20' s already from plymouth and point north, 30' s elsewhere. close to seasonably cool overnight lows but we will not see a big temperature fall from here on out. lower 20' s will do it by daybreak i don' t average low 30' s and many other parts of new hampshire.
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rain, the morning commute and through lunchtime should be dry but there will be an increase in cloud cover during the morning. we could start off a little bit of sign, clouds lower and they can and here comes a little bit of light rain in the afternoon. the breeze picking up a little bit out of the southeast and temperatures only in the low to mid 50' s. so a cool and damp feeling afternoon with temperatures only two or three below the average. tomorrow night we start see elements of heavier rain, maybe even a thunderstorm and the heaviest could work in during the early part of thursday morning around the morning commute. it exits by 7:00 or 8:00 or holds up until not :00 or 10:00 having a big impact on the morning commute. in any event, by afternoon we and warmer air.
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of rain in spots and temperatures will be climbing into the 50' s and lower 60' s tomorrow night. this is the projected rainfall, the purple shade indicates up to two inches of rain and the red indicate the potential for over two inches in some spots. notice tomorrow night the wind begins to crank up especially in the higher terrain and down near the coast where you can see wins over 40 at times, leading to a few scattered power outages. tomorrow as you can see, low to mid 50' s. noticed how much higher they climb on thursday, 60' s and lower 70' s. then it cools back to average for friday. low 20' s on average up north tonight, rain comes in tomorrow and picks up tomorrow night through the morning commute on thursday.
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tapers off in the afternoon he gets very warm all day long and then were back to try and seasonable for right. good news for trick or treat her' s. most of them are going out saturday night and then we fall back to standard time sunday morning. tom: still to come tonight, a world cup celebration today.
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girls field hockey is the
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underway, and this has the potential to be an epic world series. two really good, young, talented teams going head to head the mets and royals. bottom first inning, first pitch to alcides escobar a fly ball to left center that goes off the . here' s chris carpenter with his take on the fall classic this year. >> to strong teams, the way the method been pitching, when it comes to the playoffs it' s all about pitching. they have four guys that can go out there and shut down the opponent. i' m not saying kansas city can' t, but the way the method been pitching, i think it' s going to be a series for them to lose. jamie: the mets pitching a little better than the royals tonight. bruins at home with the arizona coyotes. less then 2 and a half minutes into the game, david krejci continues his hot start to the season. tucks it inside the post on a 2-on-1 breakaway to make it 1-0.
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he scored later in the game as well. joe morrow gets his first of the season. bruins win easily, college 6-0. soccer dartmouth at unh tonight. senior forward fazal nabi scored both goals as the university of new hampshire men' s soccer team defeated intrastate rival no. 24 dartmouth college 2-0 at bremner field. the big green fall to 8-4-1. sophomore keeper andrew pesci made three saves for you in h. nearly a full moon for girls field hockey division three semifinals in exeter. this is top rarnked berlin and 4th seeded sanborn regional. first half, jensyn dandeneau out front picks up her own rebound and scores 4-0 her 2nd goal of the game. a shot by sam mercier but the sanborn goalie alexander gannon makes the save. later, jenna arguin to dandeneau for another goal she had 5 in the game. the mountaineers of berlin win
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it 7-0,the 2-time defending champs are going to the state title game for the 4th time in 5 years. in the other semifinal. gilford golden eagles and monadnock huskies. gilford in blue hannah sullivan with a nice pass to logan baxter, who directs it into the net for a 1-0 gilford lead. a corner here for the huskies maddie daniels with the pass. then a hard shot by hannah labarre, but the save is made, deflected wide. the gilford golden eagles win 1-0 they are going to the championship game to play berlin. its off to the conference championships for the unh cross country teams on the meet is saturday. held at stony brook university this year. the womens team has won the america east championship two years in a row. the women are a veteran team with 4 seniors the men have 4 sophomores and 2 freshman running. >> where feeling pretty confident and excited. we are working to build on our success and a lot of us are returning athletes. >> we have one of the youngest groups in the conference.
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so just to make sure they' re not too nervous and make sure they raise the way they should. >> with 100% of pantries reporting the final numbers are in for the nh tackles hunger food program. 51 of the 57 hs varsity football programs were collection sights this year the final total comes in at 57,000 pounds of food, all of which stays with the local pantries and families in those communities. this is year 3 of the program and the total went up by 17,000 pounds this year. meanwhile hannafords is giving 500 dollar gift cards to the teams in each division that collected the most food. congratulations to pinkerton, plymouth, and fall mountain for winning. two out in the bottom of the ninth, mets two outs away from taking game one of the world series. tom: still to come, world cup celebration at the white house. shelley: and one member of the team had a big announcement
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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shelley the u.s. women' s soccer : team celebrated their world cup championship at the white house today. the players made sure to get a selfie with president obama. tom: after the trip to the white house star player abby wambach announced her retirement. the 35-year-old is the all time leading scorer in international soccer, for women or men. in addition to her world cup championship, she also has two
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olympic gold medals from the athens and london games.
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